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PDAs and Handheld PCs

HP iPAQ hw6940 Handheld PC
hp ipaq hw6940.jpg HP iPAQ hw6940 Handheld PC is the latest in the Hanheld PCs from HP. Costs around US$600! It has Intel's PXA270 Processor 416 MHz with 64MB of RAM. Comes with Windows® Mobile™ 5.0 software for Pocket PC, Phone Edition with Messaging and Security Feature Pack. Works on GSM/GPRS/EDGE networks, has Bluetooth,and GPS navigation solutions, Microsoft® Outlook 2003 tips and tricks [last updated Sep 24, 2006]
Dell Axim X51v
DELL Axim Handhelds Dell Axim X51v is the latest from DELL. It has Intel 624 MHz Xscale PXA270 processor, 64MB SDRAM and 256MB Flash ROM, 3.7" VGA screen with 480x640 resolution , Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Touch-screen and Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0. Two extras that you might want to consider are Quadra 4-in-1 PDA pen with LED light and Streets and Trips 2006 with Pocket Streets. [last updated Sep 8, 2006]
BlackBerry Pearl
blackberry pearl Blackberry Pearl (8100) is the first handheld device from RIM which looks more like a cell phone. The BlackBerry Pearl 8100 smartphone is one of the world’s smallest smartphones and gives you the power of BlackBerry. It comes complete with digital camera, multimedia player and expandable memory. It includes the blackberry basic stuff like phone, email, web browser, text messaging, instant messaging, organizer applications and more. The BlackBerry Pearl 8100 provides Quad-Band network support on 850/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM/GPRS and EDGE networks to allow for international roaming between North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. [last updated Sep 8, 2006]
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